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Our Policy; We actived at 10/07/2015  ,  We can promise to our users  that  thing:
  • We will not selll any item / char / etc ! If you ask to Gms that they have permision to ban/mute you!
  • If you report us a bug (real one ! or cheater ! ) You will earn 100 kc from that 
  • Castle Siege War doors close is forbidden !
  • In war if you heal any npc , You will Reduced -10 K NATIONAL POINT !
  • We will not close like other Games ,  Because our game isnt easy like other games, And every people times is important ,We cant waste your times .
  • If you are not login for 2 month, your nps will reduced to 0  also if not logged 2 month  your account will be banned ,if back in 4 month , account will active.
  • Flame to gm ( You can get 24 hour ban cause of the issue ! Please be patient ! ) Just if you have problem report it to Gms/Live chat / forum .
  • If you are using pedal or macro in Exp its okay for us , But if you using in PKing ,  The punishment is 30 day  Ban , Its up to Gms , If Gm say ' The user isnt playing by hand '  is enough for get ban ! Who try protect them like come to us and saying he dont use cheat blablabla they will get 24 hour  mute .
  • If you sell your item with misstake to npc or upgrade by misstake and burn it , its user misstake , Gms will not help and there havent any item refund policy!
  • If there have any Quest issues, As like its not count etc, That mean Quest system under maintanence , And there havent any Refund for that , You should complate your quest when the maintanence is overed.
  • Game Gold (Money) Knight Cashs sales are forbidden ! If you try to do that  (For USD) you will get ban !
Note 1 = Oldmyko inc . Will support CLASS CHANGE's  but you need collect 720 Vote point for it !
Note 2 = Job change is Actived. By VoteSystem&VoteStore.
Note 3 = Char Delete is Forbidden !
Note 4 =  If you get scam/hack from your friends we will give you dealist about , who do it , (Read from logs..) But we cant refund anythink to you , Because if you didnt shared your password , peoples cant hack you !
Note 5 = If you became party / group in death match , We will reduce your np ( -10 k )
Only can get from 3rd programs/Share account . Just we will support you get account back only , but there will have procedures for get back account but not items .

1. Account & Item sales are illegal for USD! Gms will not support that users , Even get hack from other person cuz of sale char / item , 

Penalty: Forbidden !

2. Donations chargeback is forbidden.

Penalty: Associated accounts permanent ban + IP ban + PC block.

3. Advertising other games is forbidden.

Penalty: Permanent ban.

4. Swearing/Insulting other players' religion is forbidden.(Note 1 = Only we will Ban/Mute at Moradon Normal chat (Public places )  badwords forbidden , (Pms only about religion .. )

Penalty 1: Warn!!

Penalty 2: 12 hour mute

Penalty 3: 24 hour mute !

5. Speed glitching is forbidden. 

Penalty 1:After Warns -10 k np ! If you havent that np , We will delete totally 100 milion Exprience point from your account !

6. 3rd Party Tools are forbidden.

Penalty: Accounts block + IP ban + PC block.

  7. NP Transfer is forbidden. War/Invasion/Event death logs are checked from our staff regularly. CZ deaths considered as NP transfer should be reported from the players.

Penalty: Involved characters ban + associated characters ban + party members NP/PK Stones reduce.

8. PMs regarding "wrong scroll use uppon upgrade", "out-of-PUS item sales for real cash", "item restoration after of a mistaken deletion/sell" are forbidden and will be ignored. Continuous demand will lead you muted or banned.

Penalty 1: 24 hours mute.

Penalty 2: Permanent ban.

9. Trading other members is allowed.

No matter if they do it while you kill bosses or while you PK. It's part of the game. We've had trade blocked but it was you who asked us to unblock it, so please do not complain about that. Make sure to block your trade (H -> Trade -> Block_Trade Requests) whenever you don't need it.

10. KS is allowed.

Whining about KS is childish. There are always extra spots to hunt what you're looking for.(include lure mobs to slot and let others die for exp or lure mob for kill others etc, Boss ks etc.)

11. When you merchant items, make sure that your current inventory coins and the price of the merchant items do not exceed the total coins limit of 2,100,000,000 coins. Otherwise, your merchant items will be sold and you won't be getting any coins. If this happens, we will not be able to help you so always make sure that you do not exceed the limit.

Also keep in mind that some of the rules can be changed at anytime we think that it's necessary to be changed.
All the rules above can be changed according to the GM's initiative. Duration of penalties for all the items can be shortened or extended by GM's interpretation.

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